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In the past, a Skincare routine is something I've really struggled to commit to. It's one of those things that I can keep up for a couple of days but soon enough I just cannot be bothered anymore. I blame the many, many products out there, it can become extremely overwhelming and if I'm honest, a skincare routine with a million different products is not maintainable. You get home late one evening, exhausted and not at all interested in going through your lengthly routine, and the spell is broken. You will never bother with that Toner the shop assistant at Superdrug promised would magically remove all you blemishes, and its shoved to the back of your bathroom cabinet and forgotten about.
Now, I'm not saying we should completely banish skincare and attempt to go back to a simpler time when peel off face masks were a thing of the future. No, I'm all for skincare. However, I strongly believe that having a simpler routine is far, far better for us all as its maintainable, in a way that lengthly skincare routines aren't. Though, I understand that fully committing to a routine can be difficult, especially when you haven't found the right products that work best for your skin. 

Let me take moment to introduce you to Cocunat, a beauty brand based in Barcelona who specialise in Skincare. Their products are to die for and as a brand they most definitely cater for the needs of young people, their products are affordable, simply packaged and perfect for all skin types. Not to mention vegan and cruelty free. Here are some of my favourite products....

Cocunat Micellar water
For me, Micellar water has always been a big no, no. Purely based off of my experiences using Garnier's micellar water. Using Garnier's version I could never tell if the product was removing my make-up or not. As a result I opted for make-up removing wipes rather than a good quality product that would not only remove my make-up, but benefit my skin.
*Enter, Cocunat Micellar water*
Cocunat's version has proven me wrong, and I'm happy that it has. It removes make-up fast, with minimal amount of product, and is gentle on my skin.

Price: £15.95

How I use: I put a couple of drops of micellar water onto a cotton pad and remove my full face of make up, I never need more than five or so drops.
Cocunat combination, oily skin moisturiser
Through out the warmer months I think it would be safe to say that my skin will often start to look a little more radiant and healthy, all thanks to the sun. However, I do find that I get just a little bit (or a lot?) oily, especially around my T-zone. 
But, since using Cocunat's combination, oily skin moisturiser, my problems are close to gone. In fact, within minutes I noticed difference in how greasy my skin was feeling.
Something I really appreciate in a moisturiser is it being absorbent, this defiantly is. It also has a very milky texture and like the micellar water, it's SO gentle on my skin. Cocunat's combination, oily skin moisturiser ticks all the boxes when it comes to skincare. 

As for sizing, it's perfect. Its not so small that I'd use it up just like that, but it's big enough that I can get a lot of use out of it before either changing to a different product, or re-purhcasing it. Which I know I'll be doing, for sure.

Price: £17.95

How I use: This is the last product I use in my routine, I apply the moisturiser using my hands across my whole face.
Cocunat divine balm

This product wasn't my favourite, it's a balm for your body. Which I didn't know until sending over a preview of this post to the Social media manager at Cocunat, I wrote about it being for your face, which she very kindly pulled me up on. Told you I don't know a thing about beauty products...

However, she let me know that it is great for dry areas and areas that may be a little irritated, such as mosquito bites. 
Though, all in all I wouldn't buy this myself as it just doesn't stand out to me in the way that the others did. 

Price: £25.95

How I use: I apply a small amount to my arms and legs every evening.
Cocunat total cleansing milk
Cocunat's total cleansing milk was the first of their products I tried. Now that I've tried a range of their other products I can confidently tell you that my love for Cocunat was most definitely not limited to this particular product. In fact, from my first use I could see improvement almost immediately.
At the time, my skin was going through a break out, thankfully it's gotten over that now, and I can put that down to this cleanser. It tamed all my little spots, blemishes and the lot. 

Price: £11.95

How I use: I apply the total cleansing milk to my skin using my hands, after removing my make-up with Cocunat's micellar water. 

Cocunat's tropical strawberry mousse

The tropical strawberry mousse is a firm favourite of mine, it brings back ALL the childhood memories, thanks to the fact that its scent is somewhat comparable to Petits Filous.

Looking at the product, I did expect it to be soft and creamy, instead its hard and does need a little pressure to actually get the product out of it's container. But, I think I prefer it that way. It absorbs quickly and moisturises the skin well, leaving behind it's scent which I LOVE, it truly is the perfect product. 

Price: £19.95

How I use: I apply this product to my arms and legs every evening. 

*All products featured in this post were gifted by Cocunat, though all opinions are my own*.

I've been blogging for nearly three years now, and I am always on the hunt for something to do to improve this little website of mine. I've been through the motions of setting it up, writing and now finally I am in a place where I am comfortable with how everything's working out over here.

 Around the end of march I decided 'Flo la vita' needed a little make-over, so I went all out with a new template, a fresh new Instagram feed and being more 'me' in the writing style. Since making the effort to up my blogging game, I have found a few things to be very helpful in getting to where I would ideally like to be.

Invest in a high quality template

The template is something I've constantly changed on my blog in the past, purely because I never bought a good quality one to begin with. I can't count how many time my templates switched between various different Etsy ones that cost me at most £4.

Finding a designer or brand that make high quality blog templates is what I've learnt to be really important. Make sure that you find a template that you absolutely love, has all the right features for what you want or could possibly want in the future, and is of quality. And, if your wondering... Pipdig do some fab templates for both blogger and Wordpress.

Get your Insta game on

If snapping pics is a love of your's then Instagram is perfect!
Just like Ellie said in a blog post from a while back, the instagrammer really is taking over the blogger...and quickly. So it's good to have a steady and consistent feed going on over there. Networking with other bloggers is one of the best ways to get your blog a lil bit more attention, and you get to make yourself some new gal pals while your at it, which is always a definite plus.

As for the actual photos, if your feed is looking on point then so are you! I use the same filter on each and every one of my photos, which makes them all fit together on my feed perfectly. Trust me, it looks gorgeous (if I do say so myself...).

Find your blogging voice

Bloggers are always talking about 'your blogging voice' and I only really realised what it was a little while ago. It just means how you come across in your posts and what style of writing you have.
I don't know about you, but I've read a lot of blog's where the blogger has NO blogging voice whatsoever, and if I'm really honest here, it can be just a bit crap.

Being open and honest makes you so relatable to the reader and that will instantly make you more attractive to people following. I love reading blogs where the blogger is funny and just genuinely friendly, like they're chatting with a friend.

Pin, Pin, Pin...

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to getting some serious inspiration, or even driving just a little extra traffic to your blog. And it's so simple, just pinning and pinning and pinning could get you a lot more attention on the blog (although it is not about numbers at all... I stress that).

When it comes to beauty products, I am without a doubt a the minimalist of all minimalists.
I understand why people enjoy using beauty products and why people like them, but I can't say I actually have the effort to spend more than ten minutes on my make up everyday.

However, despite my dislike of beauty products, there are four, and only four, that I use on a daily basis without question.

Rimmel wake me up concealer

I've tried a fair few concealers, but Rimmel wake me up is the only one I go back to. It works wonders. In the past I've used SO many concealers that have been chalky or even a little orange (just a little) but this particular one has caused me no problems. With exception for the fact that I got a little cocky about always knowing my shade, no matter what the brand (lightest shade, always) and whilst striding through Superdrug and feeling oh so proud that I didn't even have to bother checking my shade, picked up the concealer one shade too dark. I only realised when I got home, but if I'm honest it makes almost no difference.

Mavala nail polish in the shade 'Paris'

Red is the ~classic~ when I comes to lipsticks and nail polishes, and I've really been getting into it lately. All thanks to the pops of red I've been lusting over on @frockmeimfamous 's Instagram feed.
I honestly can't tell you how glam I feel when I've got my red nail polish on. I constantly have that feeling where you CANNOT. STOP. LOOKING. AT. YOUR. HANDS. No matter how hard you try.

Dermalogica special cleansing gel 

This is one fab product, which if I'm honest did not expect to love quite as much as I do. The difference in my skin since using it is INSANE.
Every evening I've been cleaning my face with it and my lord this is the quick fix for spots I've always wanted for the past three years.
If anything, this product has taught me that buying the glamorous, pretty looking product isn't always the way to go, sometimes something that looks a little plain can be SO affective.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source miracle moisturising hand scrub*

Crabtree & Evelyn's La source miracle moisturising hand scrub has been a life saver for my hands, I us the scrub every evening and my hands are so, so much softer!
The best part is, the product smells like the sea, which is so calming and refreshing. Before using this I never, ever would have thought of using anything hand-care related at all.

*La Source miracle moisturising hand scrub was gifted by Crabtree & Evelyn*

Three years ago I set up this blog. At the time it was called 'Liliieee' (Could you even pronounce that?). It was late 2015 and Zoella had just released Girl Online. I feel like that was the time when younger people started appearing online and getting into blogging and instagramming.

As much as I hate to admit it I had one of those classic Instagram accounts where I posted photos of the beauty products I was buying... on my old Samsung, with the flash on. It. Looked. Shit. Most of the people who started at similar times to me aren't online anymore, but I'm happy that I stuck around.

Despite the rapid changes in the blogging industry, I still love it. But, if I'm honest the change can be overwhelming and scary as hell. I worry that the bubble will pop and it will be the end of the blogging era, just like that.

When I started blogging I think a lot of other people did too, because  of the timing and how youtube and blogs were at a peak. It's no lie that it's much harder to be successful online now. I blame the amount of content out there. How can anyone be completely original when there are hundreds and thousands of people talking about such similar topics?

If you think about the bloggers who are most popular, we're talking Zoella, Tanya Burr....
They all started their platforms around 2009, when blogging wasn't a big deal, and there wasn't as high a demand for new content. They've gotten to where they are because a) they have worked so fricking hard for it  and b) they didn't have as much competition, because their timing was perfect. 

Fast forward nearly ten years and here we are. This industry is SO populated, we're even asking ourselves if it's over saturated. Bloggers have such a big influence on our society, but, despite what we all say about their being no competition between us, there is. The majority of us aren't bitches to each other because of it, but there is competition.

I'm guilty of it. I'm so guilty of it. There have been so many times when I've seen my blogger friends land an amazing partnership with a brand that I wanted, or an invite to an event that I had no clue about, and I get jealous. I've been so jealous of various different people that I've had some major meltdowns because I haven't thought that my blog was good enough.

It's crap, and I feel bad for being so jealous, but it's not realistic to not feel just a tiny bit envious of someone who is doing so damn well, at the same time as feeling happy and proud of them.

There are just so many issues going on online at the moment, weather it's copyright or just plain bitchiness, there is always something. But, we've have just gotta get on with it and try not to let it get us down.

I think the same goes for the stereotypes that are held over bloggers, influencers and the lot.
No, we don't spend our whole lives snapping photos of beautiful coffee art in gorgeous locations...
The majority of my Instagram photos are taken all in one day. I find numerous different backgrounds, change my outfit in a Macdonald's toilet and carry the rest of my clothes around in a plastic bag for the day. And that shot is one of maybe 50 that went wrong. Glam, much?

Even though I know all this myself, because I've experienced the efforts that go into creating content, taking blog photos, writing and sending pitch emails to brands, it's still easy to forget that everyone else does the same. When I see a gorgeous outfit shot on Instagram, I do sometimes think "Why doesn't my feed look like that?" or "How come all of her photos are so much better than mine?" I hate that I do it. But if I really, really think about it, I know that everyone is different and if I were posting the same photos as every other girl then who would want to follow me anyway? I wouldn't be being original. It wouldn't be interesting. It wouldn't be me.

Even if it seems like everyone else is doing so much better than you, comparing yourself to them is not the answer, because you aren't them. 

Being a blogger, I am in constant need of Instagram photos. As soon as one goes up, I need to start prepping the next one. It's a never ending stream of photo taking, editing and caption writing.

Very rarely am I happy with my grid. It takes a lot of time and effort which I sometimes just don't have. The location is also such a huge factor. You can have a half decent outfit, but if the background ain't working with your feed then it ain't worth posting.

Notting Hill is Fashion blogger central. There's someone taking an outfit photo in EVERY. SINGLE. DOORWAY. But, I don't want my feed to look like every other bloggers so too many photos of those colourful houses is a no, no. But, beyond the brightly coloured streets, Notting hill is Instagram gold!

Wild at heart - Westbourne grove

Wild at heart is the most ~beautiful~ florists you will ever see! I was originally introduced the shop by Beth Sandland and loved it as soon as I saw it. It's flower heaven, and I'm not exaggerating in the slightest.
It's on Westbourne grove which is just off of portobello road, a quieter area of notting hill but one you must see.

The mews

Notting Hill is FULL of little mews and back streets which are gorgeous backgrounds for Instagram photos. Have a little explore around some of the back streets and I guarantee you will find somewhere worth a quick snap.

Powis Gardens

I never intended to find the graffiti on Powis Gardens, but I'm glad I did because it is like gold dust if you have a colourful feed.

Denbigh Terrace

Denbigh terrace is the road of colourful houses which is famous among fashion bloggers for being the. most. popular. shooting. location. ever. There are lines of people waiting for a photo on the doorstep of each and every house. Some how I feel more comfortable shooting there because everyone else is doing the same.

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