20 January 2018

Beauty products I'm lusting over atm

Beauty products I'm lusting over atm
20 January 2018
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There are a hella lotta beauty products out there that I just don't give two turtle doves about. I'm not very adventurous with my make-up, I tend to stick to what I know and play on the safe side.  For this reason I never used to buy foundation. Crazy, I know. It's one of the most essential products!? My problem is my skin. Its pale.... like really pale. I'm not too bothered about it. It just means that lots of foundations make me look a lil' bit orange... Think tangerine shade? Even products in the lightest shade can make me look like a walking, talking satsuma. But very recently I decided to give foundation one last go before coming to the conclusion of deciding never to look at one again, and for once it was a success.

Rimmel's match perfection foundation in the shade light porcelain is my life saver! Its the only foundation I've ever come across that works for my skin tone! If you can relate to my lil' rant then this is worth a shot!

But... my problems were far from solved because I would still LOVE to be able to find a gorgeous cream based highlighter that will work. Because, ya know... highlighter has always been another no, no for the same reasons as foundation was.
But, you guessed it! I managed to get my hands on the best and most pale cream based highlighter you ever did see.

*Enter 'Clinique chubby stick highlighter in the shade 01 hefty highlight'*
Clinique is a fab brand for anyone with sensitive skin, too (which, naturally, is another issue I have with my skin). Its such a dreamy product that feels so perfect on my skin and gets that strobe on the cheek bone just right.

13 January 2018

Why periods suck

Why periods suck
13 January 2018
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Periods, periods, periods. They suck. They really suck.
If you're lucky enough to have an incredibly light period then I envy you. You have no idea how bloody lucky you are.

I would love to be able to say that when I'm on my period it doesn't affect me, but in all honesty I want to shrivel up and die.

There are so many reasons why I hate them...

1. You spend your whole time in the toilet. Its not fun.

2. You're constantly paranoid. All you can think about is wether or not people have noticed, or if you've left patches...

3. The cramps. It's a whole week of non-stop pain.

4. The raging hormones. They drive me insane, they make you wanna cry all the frickin' time..

10 January 2018

How to be organised AF

How to be organised AF
10 January 2018
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In the new year we all make that one resolution that only really carries out for two or so days and then is totally forgotten about. Don't worry, I do it all the time.... even when it's not new year. Organisation is something that, lets be real, I used to be crap at. But, I have gotten so much better at it, to the point that I enjoy it and can't stop doing it.

Have a tidy work area

My desk is almost always tidy and I take a lil' bit too much pride in organising it to look pretty! I find that I work better when I have a tidy space to do it in. It just lets me enjoy it more and be a hella lot more productive.

Use a diary

I use my diary for scheduling blog posts and will always dedicate my 'month at glance' page for that purpose. But, diary's are obviously useful for putting down any plans or things that you need to do on a certain day. It just takes away the embarrassment of forgetting plans!

Use a notebook

It doesn't matter what you put in it, it could be for work or for school... anything! It's just a good way to organise plans and ideas and make sure that you don't forget any deets!

Wake up early

I'm such an early bird, I always have been. Waking up early means that you have much more time in the day (obvs) and also I find that I'm much, much more productive in the mornings.
06 January 2018

New in: Jewellery

New in: Jewellery
06 January 2018
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When it comes to jewellery I'm v specific about what I like. I find it so hard to find jewellery pieces that I like and would wear. I am one hundred percent a minimalist when it comes to what I like in a necklace but there aren't very many affordable pieces that don't scream sparkly!

A while ago I discovered the brand jewellery box after they sent me an offer to work with them on two lil' projects and since then I have been head over heals in love with their dreamy pieces. And they are v minimal so...

I was sent two gorgeous necklaces and a ring, but I have obvs gone back and bought myself a hella lot more.

These are by far my favourite earrings evaaaa! I don't think I've actually taken them off since Christmas Day?! They are the perf size, not wayyy to big, but also not too tiny. 

This lil' beauty from Oliver Bonas is just as gorgeous as the earrings and I've been wearing it just as often. I absolutely love the look of layered jewellery so I've been wearing this with my Karma circle necklace from Jewellery box.

I also v much love these copper bar studs. I would definitely say that they are noticeable and obviously incredibly beautiful, whilst still being subtle.

I've always really loved the look of studs that are geometric shapes, so I obvs had to get me hands on these gold triangle earrings, which let me tell you are too dreamy for words!

Another set to add to my 'geometric shape jewellery' collection (jks... I don't have a collection just yet!) are these beautiful silver hexagon studs which are possibly the best things in my life atm! I just love them, they are frickin' gorgeous!
03 January 2018

My 2018 to-do list

My 2018 to-do list
03 January 2018
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I never really make New Years resolutions or think at all about what I want to change in the new year.  But this year I have been a hella lot more organised and had a think about some things that I want to do throughout the year and change for a fresh start. I've got my goals planned out and I'm so bloody excited about doing everything that I couldn't help but start already.


-Take a whole lot more pics with me in them!
- Post twice a week, rather than once.
- Just work my ass off and do it well


-Visit a cute lil' village in Spain
-Go swimming in the sea, even if its bloody freezing
-Road trip somewhere
-Explore London more

Beauty + Fashion

- Make sure that I wear outfits that I LOVE
-Actually make an effort to look after my skin.
-Make an effort with my appearance, I always feel better about myself when I love how I look. I don't know why I don't make an effort more often?!


- Try REALLY hard to get myself heard more and be less self-concious 
-Do more with my friends
-I need to do more of the organising with my friends because I never think to do anything and leave it to the girls to invite me to their plans 

01 January 2018

Oh hey, 2018!

Oh hey, 2018!
01 January 2018
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Happy 2018!

This year I really want to make the most of the fact that its a fresh start and a new beginning! January is the perfect time to really get organised and crack on with all the newness, Which is something that I've been getting very much excited about!

In all of the excitement of the new year and making resolutions, we can easily forget about the past year and what we have done, wether its the good or the bad its SO helpful to reflect on it and take that knowledge into the new year!

I feel no shame in saying that I've had a great year. Its not been perfect, there have definitely been a lotta ups and a lotta downs, but in all I feel like its been fun!
This lil' blog has come very far in the past twelve months, I really feel like I've developed a lot and found my 'blogging voice', if you will. I've noticed the growth not only in the statistics but also in the way I feel about blogging and how its changed so much in such a small space of time.

Back in January, as much as I loved blogging, I saw it as more of a hobby. And of course it still is because I am in no way doing this as a job, but throughout the past year I have come to see this as more than a hobby. Its hard to explain because its so difficult to find words to express how I feel about it, but if you understand then you get where I'm coming from! 
I'm extremely proud of the sponsored content I've put up this year and how many relationships I've built with such lovely brands and how I've been so much more professional in the way that I work on this... 'project'? I've become so, so much more confident with myself offline and myself online and blogging!

On the topic of confidence, I have really build a LOT of it offline, in my personal life too! I'm a very shy person in some situations, though in other situations I'm very confident. In the situations where I feel less confident I think that I've got a lot better at dealing with the anxiety that I feel in those situations. Which is great and I'm so proud and happy that I've been able to do so. 

This year I have really noticed myself growing as a person, I've started to find my place a lot more and get to know what I like and what I dislike, what I'm good at and what I'm not so good at. I've always know myself quite well and understood my feelings but this year I think its really started to fall into place. I've changed A LOT, very quickly too and I will probs continue to do so for a while until everything works out how it should, but I am happy with how things are going at the moment!

Going into the new year is such an exciting concept for me because I just love planning ahead and (trying) to get into new things. 

I can confidently tell myself and you that there will be a lot more content up on the blog in 2018 and that all the content that does go up will be a lot better and a lot more detailed and professional (I think!). I'm trying especially hard with the photos at the moment and I will be carrying this on throughout this year (and forever...), the writing will be better and I PROMISE there will be more regular Instagram pictures. 

I hope you all enjoyed 2017 and that 2018 is even better for you! xx
27 December 2017

Where to stop for coffee in London

Where to stop for coffee in London
27 December 2017
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I get way too excited by an Insta-worthy coffee shops and London has A LOT of them. So I guess you could say I'm V lucky to be living here! I have so many favourites which I am obvs gonna share with ya all!

Image result for grind coffee cafe covent garden
Photo Credit: Grind

Another of Covent gardens beautiful coffee shops, Grind is the perfect stop off for a delicious coffee!

Image result for Origin cOFFEE shop
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

Origin Coffee Shop
Next time you find yourself in Kings cross or Hammersmith, check out Origin!
Image result for story coffee clapham
Photo credit: Tatler Magazine

Story Coffee

Clapham have some lovely coffee shops, but Story coffee has got to be the best!

Image result for peggy porschen cakes
Photo Credit: Homegirl London

Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen cakes is one of London's most famous coffee shops, its well known for how instagrammable it is!

Related image
Photo Credit: Thetrendpear

The Farm girl cafe
The farm girl cafe is perfect for vegans and vegetarians!

Related image
Photo credit: Excuse me man

Tap Coffee 193
Tap Coffee is the perfect place to spend your lunch break, they have the most amazing coffee's and tea's.

Related image
Photo Credits: The Telegraph

The HummingBird bakery
The Hummingbird bakery is everyone's go-to place for the most gorgeous cupcakes, and they aren't just pretty, they taste like perfection too!
Related image
Photo Credits: The islington design guide

The Coffee works Project
Islington is full to the brim of perfect coffee shops, but the Coffee works project is by far one of the best!

Image result for ginger and mint crouch end
Photo Credits: Deliveroo

Ginger and Mint

Ginger and mint is one of crouch end's most loved spots for healthy smoothies and juices. Its just perfect for vegans and vegetarians. I spotted some V beautiful looking Cinnamon tea in there too, which makes everything seem a lot more exciting!

Image result for Primrose bakery
Photo credit: Babycinno kids 

Primrose Bakery
This is a definite must when visiting Covent Garden or primrose hill! Primrose bakery is one of the most gorgeous coffee shops in London and has the most delicious cakes and coffees.
23 December 2017

Lets talk Christmas | with Tabithebear

Lets talk Christmas | with Tabithebear
23 December 2017
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The run up to Christmas is coming to an end and that can only mean one thing.... we are very close to Christmas Day! To celebrate the end of my Christmas posts for the year (*sobs*) I thought I would do a lil' Christmas Q&A! This has become quite a tradition here on my little blog!

I also want to mention that this post is in collaboration with the lovely Tabithebear She is also doing a Christmas Q&A over on her blog, so definitely go check that out once you have finished reading mine!

What is your fave Christmas food?

Definitely the roast potatoes! They're delicious!

What's on your Wishlist?

I don't usually ask for one big present, I'm more likely to ask for lots of small things (decor, books, make-up..). So lots of lil' bits for my room and a couple of pieces of jewellery!

What would be your perfect Christmas dinner and desert?

A good ol' roast dinner (with some sort of veggie substitute for the roast chicken) and for dessert it would defo be my grandad's chocolate log cake! 

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I love all the Christmas songs by the Jackson 5, Diana Krall and Ella Fitzgerald.  Those always put me in a festive mood as me and my family always have those songs playing while we decorate the tree!

Would you rather be a penguin, a polar bear or a reindeer? 

I've never really thought about that... I would probs be a reindeer because why wouldn't I want to fly around with Santa? 

Which of Santa's reindeers is your favourite?

Rudolph... Duh?!

What's the best gift you've ever received?

My camera, I've gotten a lot of use out of it!

What do you look forward to about most about Christmas?

Defiantly Christmas morning. Waking up and getting into my mum's bed with my little brother to open stockings is the best!

Do your family open Christmas prezzies before or after lunch?

We do both, we obviously open stockings in the morning and then we give each other the presents that we've bought each other. Then after lunch when the whole family are there we do the presents to and from them! Hope that makes sense... 

Are you someone who bakes a lot at Christmas?

Sometimes I will bake a couple of gingerbread men to give as presents to my more distant family, and sometimes I might make some sort of festive goodies, but usually I don't bake that much at Christmas time. 

Sorry if your question wasn't answered, I didn't want the post to drag on so I only did a few, lots of the questions were very similar though so hopefully I answered your question in some way! :) 
10 December 2017

My end of 2017 to-do list

My end of 2017 to-do list
10 December 2017
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2017 is coming to an end and I hate to say the same as everyone else at the moment, but bloody 'ell it's gone fast! I really do feel like I've blinked and the whole year has been and gone.

This year has been a good one, I defiantly feel like I've done lots of fun things and achieved a bunch of my goals that, let's be honest, I didn't actually call 'resolutions' because that make the situation a whole lot more stressy.

But I also feel like there is SO much more that I want to do before the year's over, so I thought I would compile a lil' list for ya all!

- Get my best friends the best Christmas prezzies EVER!
- Do 'secret Santa' with a group of my friends
- bake my family a batch of mince pies (will probs be eaten by me alone)
- go ice skating
- dec the house with all the festive vibes
- actually finish my scrap book for this year
- take some v gorgeous pics for next year
- plan some collab posts (get excited!)
- buy the Christmas edition of every single magazine on the rack (well, not all but you know what I'm getting at...)
- do my nails for Christmas and make sure they look a least half decent.

What are your goals for the end of the year?

Our lil' Christmas tree 2017

Our lil' Christmas tree 2017

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A couple of days ago was one of days ago we finally bought our Christmas tree! It was (and always is) one of my favourite days of the year.

As usual we got out lil' tree at our local 'Pines and Needles' (which let me tell you, is the most festive,  jolly place on earth!).  The only problem, when buying a Christmas tree for us, is that we have high ceilings in out house which is perfect, but not the best amount of space for a big tree. Trust me, we've bought a small tree before and put it on a little table in the corner. Which definitely isn't as gorgeous as having one big tree. In the end we decided to go for a 7ft Noble Fir tree, its absolutely beautiful and perfect for our living room!

At home we carried on our Christmas traditions and decorated the tree whilst drinking hot chocolate and busting all the dance moves to the 'Motown Christmas album' . To make things even more festive  London saw its first proper snow the next morning too (and its settling, so...).

We did the same decorating as we do every year. A set of fairy lights, a white bead garland, silver acorn baubles, a set of different shaped and different coloured glass baubles, bird baubles and your typical fairy tale mushrooms wrapped around the branches with wire! 

I think its fair to say that we go for a woodland theme each year (with the acceptation of my brother's one robot bauble!)

In all, the day was magical!

06 December 2017

Womens stocking filler guide | AD

Womens stocking filler guide | AD
06 December 2017
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Gifting season is finally upon us and everyone has started their Christmas shopping, but something people easily forget about is stockings. Even if your not a child anymore its nice to have a stocking to open on Christmas morning and it just makes Christmas a little bit more exciting! You don't have to spend very much, its the little things that make a stocking cute. I know that sometimes it can be hard to find the right thing, so I made a lil' gift guide to help you out!

The beauty lover

There are so many inexpensive beauty products out there, if you're looking for something festive then   Zoella beauty do an amazing moisturiser ('Ginger Cream') which smells heavenly!

But if you're more into the idea of getting something that you can love all year round then Scent and Colour do some very delicious perfumes! I have one called Angel that I have absolutely fallen in love with! They're such good value for money, I REALLY recommend them!

Bobbi Brown also do customisable palettes, which would be really fun because its also an activity in a make-up product (that seems cool to me!)

Face masks are also a great idea, fresher me do an amazing Dead Sea mud mask for just £5.00!

Other products

The fashion enthusiast

For someone who lurvvves fashion and styling, you could buy them something special like a piece of jewellery or maybe a tote bag? If you don't know their sizes then its best not to buy clothing or shoes  (just in case it doesn't fit) but if you do then that would be a great idea!

Lorus have gorgeous watches that would be perfect for a stocking!

Other products

The techie

If you're buying for someone who loves having the latest gadgets then you could go for some headphones (beats do the best headphones everrrr). If they have a Polaroid then Polaroid film is perfect! Anyone with a Polaroid will really appreciate that as its quite expensive and they will be always running out! 

Other products

The Lifestyle Lover

For someone who loves being gifted all things lifestyle (think things for homes, books...) then there is SO much that you could get! Plants are always fun because you can't really hate it, I love cacti but whatever plants they like it might be worth a look into getting something?

Other products

The Foodie 

If you are buying for someone who loves baking and all things food then it might be worth looking into buying them some new kitchen appliances, pretty cutlery or maybe even a cook book?

Other Products 

Thank you to Scent&Colour for helping out with this post!