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There are so, so many talented girls out there who are just absolutely bossing it in the blogging world at the moment. But, sadly there is also such a huge amount of jealously and hate lately along with the talk of blogging's slow demise. We NEED to override this negativity, rather than letting it consume use all, so, here's to all the fab blog post's I've read this month....

Why my age has always been a barrier and pls can we stop being so ageist

Ellie was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and her posts still manage to make me think, even now four years on. This particular post on how age can be a ~huge~ barrier for so many young people  was such a relatable read and so honest.

Why are we in such a hurry to rush through life's milestones

Beth has to be one of my all time favourite bloggers, purely because of her down to earth, honest nature. Her new blog post about rushing through life's milestones was such a refreshing one and although I hate to admit it, really made me realise that I am SO guilty of rushing through life's milestones.

5 things to do when you're feeling overwhelmed

Paula's blog is one I've always found helpful for photography advice, blogging advice and all things mental health. She recently wrote the post 'five things to do when you're feeling overwhelmed' which made me realise that I was missing SO much and really wasn't dealing with my stress well.

I think spring is by far my favourite time of year. It's not too hot, but it's not too cold and with the sun appearing for the first time this year, it's all very exciting.
My only problem with spring in the UK, is that you never know quite what the weather wants to do. You could wake up to sun bursting through your blinds and go to bed with a thunderstorm. This is no exaggeration.

Being prepared for whatever the weather forecast throws at you is important. But, none of us want to be carrying around an outfit for every season, so finding something that works for ~almost~ all weather types can be a bit of a struggle, but completely do-able.

I decided to wear my classic stripy top from Boden. It goes with nearly anything so I find myself wearing it all. the. time. I paired it with my Topshop trousers which are perfect for a little more sun as they are light and airy... say goodbye to the days of sweaty legs!

To go with the black trousers I wore my black camera bag which I got for £22 on asos. It's seen me through a lot of occasions and never fails to hold EVERYTHING, despite how small it may look. It is a true Mary poppin's bag.

To add a little elegance to the look I thought why not add some jewellery? Thankfully I was all in good hands for this one as the lovely brand jewellery box sent me some pieces.

The ring is a personal fave of mine and I just cannot seem to take it off. The necklace is also something I've been wearing non stop lately, and went perfectly with this outfit.

* All jewellery pieces were gifted by Jewellery Box
Yesterday I completed my 14th year of life. Apart from eating a whole lot of cake and belting out the words to every single Meghan Trainor song you could think of, I did have one of those moments that reoccurs every year where you have a think about a) the fact that your getting older and it's a lil bit scary and b) how much you've learnt in all your life so far.

1. You are your main priority
2. Sometimes you've just gotta step out of your comfort zone
3. Dwelling over mistakes is never productive, you've just got to take it as a learning curve.

4. Nothing will ever lift my mood like a steamy hot bath and 'the fringe of it' podcast does.
5. Always go above and beyond to make sure someone else happy
6. But, make sure that it's not too exhausting for you at the same time

7. Being yourself is the best thing you can be.
8. If you're happy then who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks?
9. It's gonna take a lot of work to get to where you would ideally like to be, but it's worth it.
10. Just say yes to the invitations you get. You might not feel like it but I promise you'll enjoy it.

11. Whatever you're worrying about probably isn't as bad as you think it'll be.
12. Keep a diary. It's therapeutic and nice to look back on.
13. Wear what you want to wear, not what everyone else is wearing.
14. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.


I don't know about you, but I really let things slip when it comes to self care. In all honesty, I can't remember the last time that I took care of my skin properly, or sat down to read a good book with a cuppa. Social media makes it especially hard to switch off from the outside world. I can so easily spend precious time aimlessly scrolling through Instagram's search page, and not even fully taking in what I'm seeing.

When I started therapy I was ~terrified~. The thought of talking to a complete stranger about some of my most personal feelings was pretty daunting, despite how open I am. But throughout the whole thing, it got easier and easier and I ended up learning a whole lot.

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