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I've got a confession: I hate winter dressing. Scratchy knits and layers are not my thing. If I'm one hundred percent honest, I'm a much bigger fan of summer dressing. It just seems so effortless, you know? You can throw on a pair of shorts and a cute top and you're sorted. But, when winter comes around you've got a decision to make: freeze your tits off or sweat to death with ALL the layers. 

Thankfully I've managed to find some middle ground. And re-using a couple of pieces from your summer wardrobe could come in handy this time of year, to avoid spending too much on Christmas jumpers and all. Although, I do love a good Christmas jumper...

The wrap dress

One of my favourite trends this summer was the wrap dress, and more specifically the spotty ones. But who said we have to leave them behind? Ummm nobody...

It may not seem like the most sensible option in terms of weather and all, but paired with a good pair of tights and a cute jacket it's no problem at all.

I've been styling my Boohoo wrap dress with a fleecy jacket from Pull and Bear and all I can say is that its cosy AF... AND you don't have to deal with all the itchy jumpers. I also think it would look great dressed up a bit for the party season...

Denim and stripes

If you know me well, then you'll know that about 70% of my wardrobe is stripy, and I especially love the classic stripy tops, which Boden do some gorgeous versions of.
For less of a dressy look I usually opt for a denim skirt to go with it. Just make sure you wear tights, you don't want to freeze...


Best friends can be difficult to buy for, especially around Christmas when your budget is already tight  and you've got a million and one other people to think about buying presents for. Over the past few years secret Santa has become a firm favourite amongst my friendship group, and buying for just one person has taken away so much stress and saved us quite a bit of cash. But, when secret Santa isn't an option buying friends presents can be problematic...

I've put together a gift guide of inexpensive gifts suitable for the best friend. They're budget friendly but they're all things that I'm sure will be much appreciated come the 25th. 

For the best friend....

1. Why social media is ruining your life
2. Dorothy Perkins leopard print belt
3. Winning at life mug
4. Gold purse
5. Liz Earle Christmas cleanse and polish
6. Pixi by Petra glow mud mask
7. Pixi by Petra multi balm
8. Oliver bonas star candle
9. Dorothy perkins hoop earrings
10. Charly Cox - she must be mad
11. Kath Kidston Lipbalm set
12. Oliver bonas hoop earrings
13. Life Honestly book

What you might not know from just reading my blog is that I a bit of an interior lover. Meaning, I take great pride in making sure that my area is decorated and styled in a way that I like. I thrive off of that feeling you get when you walk into a room that is just so gorgeous and I could spend hours on end arranging and re-arranging different areas of my room.

My desk, in particular, is an area that I love to re-style every now and again. Possibly because I get bored of it the quickest, which isn't surprising seeing as I spend such long periods of time sat at it. I feel like theres always something that could be added to make it that extra bit pretty, which is always apparent to me after having a nosy at Kate La Vie's office - seriously, how does she have such a good eye for styling?

I've spent hours looking at Pinterest-worthy homes and work spaces online and have taken inspiration  from just about everywhere in order to create my own work space that feels very me. And now, after many H&M home orders I feel like I've succeeded in creating my very own, very pretty, desk area.

The Gold Mirror from H&M home, which I have placed on a stack of magazines along side my Oliver Bonas candle, feels like the focal point of the work top. It stands out from the otherwise fairly neutral background, which I love. 

Around this whole section, if you will, there are pops of gold against the black and white of the magazines and the one book. When styling it like this, the black and gold coming together was something I never intended to happen, it was more of a coincidence that they went so well together. And if I'm honest, a bit of a surprise. If you had asked me two months ago if I thought black and gold would look good together I would have laughed at you, but I'm actually loving this combination.

To go along with the black and white books, is this Desenio print. The simplicity of the print is something I appreciate, as I wouldn't choose to hang something much busier up there purely because the actual desk already has a relatively cluttered feel to it.
But, its a gorgeous piece which fills the wall space perfectly.

When I started my Instagram account four years ago, I used it purely to talk to like-minded people and to post photos along side my blog. While the reason behind using Instagram, for me, hasn't changed massively, the pressure has.

In the last four years things have gotten a little more serious, and I've had to start considering what I share and what I don't. And I'm not going to lie, I've had some major melt downs about what my feed looks like. Posting blurry photos of my cats just isn't an option anymore because things have changed and I should probably start considering my audience to some extent. But then again, if cat photos are your thing, give me a shout...

What I don't want is an uber professional looking, squeaky clean feed. That's just not my thing.
Writing this blog and running my Instagram account, I always make an effort to show reality and not a highlights reel because I don't want to be that girl who seems to be at fancy restaurants 24/7 with her camera man following her around just to get that perfect shot. Purely because that's not my life, nor is it any bloggers life.
But, at the same time I do want my feed to look nice, I wouldn't post just any photo because the photos have to be of decent quality.

I'm going to be one hundred percent honest here and say that I find it really difficult to be relatable enough. Meaning, I don't like sharing too many PR packages because I don't like my friends thinking I just get 'free' stuff all the time for absolutely nothing but then I don't always want to talk about the shitty bits in life because in a way, the people following me and reading my blog are total strangers and sometimes it does feel a bit personal. Trying to come across as honest and relatable is stressful.

I also feel a pressure to be active. Essentially, I feel a pressure to just use Instagram. I'm not someone who is naturally drawn to social media and I'm not someone who comments on absolutely everything. I'll occasionally interact with something that I can really relate to, like when Chloe Plumstead posted an Instagram story about catcalling, but apart from that I'd say I'm more of a quiet follower, which makes it a little more difficult to network with people and build those online relationships.

And most of all, time is an issue. I don't have enough time to be an Insta girl. I don't have the time, or money even, to be eating in 'instagrammable' cafe's and travelling around London all the time.

It's things like this that really get me questioning what I want my online presence to be?

I feel like the media only really shines a light on one type of 'influencer', the fashion blogger. And from that it can be so easy to think that a blogger is simply someone sharing their 'perfect' lives online. It's like you hear "Blogger" and think pretty cafe's, outfit of the day's and swanky holidays. But, really a blogger is just someone with a blog. A blog being a website run by an individual.

We think of the 'Blogger lifestyle' but I'd argue that the sugar-coated lives we see on Instagram is more of an 'influencer' lifestyle than a blogger lifestyle.

Truth be told, I'm not an Insta girl. I hate the pressure to be constantly reeling out new content and I don't even enjoy using the app. So, why did I even bother with it in the first place? Because I didn't realise that a blogger and an 'influencer' are two totally different things and I thought that to be a blogger I should be posting outfit photos and doing what everyone else was doing.

Thinking about it, I started this blog four years ago because I liked magazines and I wanted a space where I could in a way, write my own. I didn't start this for 'free' stuff or because I wanted to make some extra money from PR's and brand collaborations. That is the way it's gone but all the commercial side of things, like Instagram just isn't my cup of tea.

So, I'm waving goodbye to Instagram and welcoming back a simpler blogging style.

We're heading towards that time when suddenly it's not summer anymore and we have to start getting our shit together. I hate to break it to you, but very soon it will no longer be acceptable to slack off and spend the day sunbathing in your back garden. It's time to get back into the grind of everyday life, and my god it can be exhausting. The first day of getting back into things after summer.... does it take anyone else 10 million taps of the snooze button and a full-blown cry into their cereal bowl just to get out the front door in the morning on that particular day?

I always find it helpful to try, and I mean really try, to treat it like any other day. Doing simple things like sticking to your usual weekday routine, if you have one.

Get up and ready right away...

I'd be lying if I said there hadn't been mornings when I've been so exhausted and uninspired that I end  up staying in my pyjamas until two in the afternoon and not getting anything done. And sure, sometimes a day like this is much needed, but if you're planning a productive day then maybe staying in your pyjamas isn't the way to go? Mind you, some people work better in their pj's, but not me. That's why every morning I get up and ready as soon as my alarm goes off. But please, I'm not claiming to be superwoman here, we all know I'm far from it, but truthfully I just hate lie-ins (I know...) and not feeling fresh in the mornings. So, if you fancy being an #girlboss for the day and getting shit done then get out of bed, no matter how hard it may be, I promise it's worth it.

Eat a good breakfast

Although I eat breakfast every morning, my stomach will often be rumbling by 10am and that's most likely because I haven't eaten a filling breakfast. I mean, I'll usually go for the glam option, Shreddies, but clearly that's just not cutting it. So, I've recently started making breakfast smoothies and I kid you not they have saved my mornings. 
I think we've all gone through that week-long phase where we're like "I'm going to eat really healthily, I'm going to have Acai bowls for breakfast and Quinoa with salad for lunch" it never really lasts. But, I do find that I have a similar attitude with breakfast smoothies and it doesn't take much effort to continue making them and they are actually tasty, not to mention quick and easy to make.
I think the reason I'm so madly in love with making smoothies is because I'm a really terrible cook (trust me, my first attempt at making pancakes resulted in a pan bursting into flames...) and you don't have to have any talent for cooking to throw some fruit into a blender. All you need is a good sense of what food goes well together, and I'd say I have a decent knowledge in that area. Mind you I did make the mistake of blending milk and apple together...

Make a to-do list and prioritise 3 tasks

If you know me well then you'll know that to do lists are most definitely my fave. And as a result I can often go a little over the top when making them. So, I like to prioritise 3 main tasks, usually three things that I need to get done that day or anytime soon. However, when I say main jobs, I don't mean big jobs. Usually I'll try and get one big task done first followed up my other two prioritised tasks, which will often be a bit smaller. And if I have time I'll get some more done. But, I like to start off with three.

Get rid of all the distractions

What I'm trying to say is... turn off your phone. If you're attempting to have an uber productive day then having your phone next to you pinging with notifications every five seconds is not going to help you out AT ALL. I mean, the temptation to just read that text is going to distract you from what you really want to be focusing on, and once you've read it you'll most likely be typing a reply at a million and one miles an hour which will lead to a reply from whoever you're texting and then you're going to reply and then suddenly you've sent so many texts that it would be rude to ignore their messages now. You've well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole and oh look, you've waisted half an hour sending texts that really could wait until you're not busy. 

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