15 February 2017

The desk edit

I love interiors and re-styling different areas of my room. One of my favourite places to re-organise and re-style is my desk. Its such a nice thing to be able to do and its really helpful as its nice to have a change and that change motivates me to use my desk more and using my desk motivates me to get more done. I am so much more productive when I have a clean, organised and beautiful area to work at.

As for essentials, I always like to have a notebook or planner of some sort on my desk as I feel like it makes me more organised and my desk is where i would need it most. 
Ban.do do lovely planners and loads of other stationery and bits like that. I feel like ban.do's planners focus on being organised and give you lots of space for absolutely everything you need to write down. But it also focus' on happiness and taking a couple of minuites out for yourself to reflect and recharge on the day, week or month. 
They also include really cute stickers so you can completely customise your planner.

I personally don't have a calendar, but i do think that it would be a great idea to have one. 
Oliver bonas do beautiful calendars (even marble print calendars, what more do you want?!).

A lamp might also be essential to some people, espcially if you sit at your desk when its not light outside, or in the evenings. 
I have a rose gold  lamp from ikea (the one above) and i find that its perfect as its not way to bright or super dim, it gives of the perfect amount of light. Its also so pretty and rose gold.

Moving onto non essentials, 
I think its lovely to have a photo frame on your desk, as you can display a nice piece of artwork or even make it more personal by displaying a photos. 
Oliver bonas have the most beautiful copper frames at really amazing prices. 
There is so much space for photos in them, they are just perfect.

Having a terrarium would be such a nice way to involve greenery into your desk area. Having plants in a room makes it so much more happy and bright. It also affects your mood and makes you happier. 
Its a win, win situation.

Candles are also really nice to have on your desk. I chose one from oliver bonas which smells like elderflower and lime. I feel like that would be a good one as its the transition period between spring and winter. You could have a spring cented candle but its still cold enough to be lighting candles.

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