25 June 2017

Chatting about... Everything

Its time to talk about... life. I thought it would be fun to answer some questions that you guys had about anything in the world, whatever you wanted to ask!

Why did you start your blog?
This is my most asked question, and I am sure I have answered it many times. But for those of you who don't know I started my blog because I thought it would be fun. And at the time I didn't realise it but I needed this blog as an escape. Thankfully, I no longer need this blog, but I want to keep writing it because its fun and a creative outlet for me!

How do you get inspiration for blog posts?
That's a hard question because there isn't really a straight answer. I get Inspiration from everywhere,(see How to: find inspiration) that could be other bloggers, books I have read, tv programmes I have seen, things I have done and just life in general. But I do get a lot of inspiration from Vogue and Pinterest.

What are your biggest hopes and dreams? 
I am the sort of person who has a very clear idea of what they want for their life. I don't have loads of dreams, I would just say that I want to be happy with my life and I want to live somewhere that I love, outside of London, please! I also want to be happily married and have children, have a creative job that I love and have a lovely family. That's all I really want, I don't have any massive dreams really. 

Skincare products that really help your skin?
I love 'simple spotless skin rapid action spot zapper' its amazing, it gets rid of spots in four hours. 
But the best thing to do to help your skin is to drink loads of water, eat fruit, get sleep and don't wear too much make up!

Favourite make-up products?
I have just started to not wear as much make up so that I can have clearer skin (its working really well!) so I haven't been wearing very much, but I love Rimmel's wake me up concealer (see My go-to drugstore beauty products) and I love Maybeline's lash sensational mascara. 

How do you fit in while also being yourself? 
Well, if your trying to fit in then your not being one hundred percent yourself. I think you should find a friendship group that you can be yourself in and then you will fit in. 

How do you balance school work and blogging?
Its not as hard as you would think. I am in the year at school where its most relaxed and you get the least homework, so its okay at the moment but I expect next year it will get a bit harder! I usually write and do all the blog related work at the weekends and I do homework on weekdays so I have time, but I prioritise homework over blogging, even though I love blogging wayyyy more. So if I had some homework that I needed to do I wouldn't go and write instead. 

What's your opinion on the education system? Do you think the way we are tested is unfair for people who are less academic? 
I think that being tested the way we are being is quite stressful, I always do really badly in tests but quite well in lessons, so I think that it would be good if the teachers took into consideration how you had done in lessons as well as in the test.

What's your opinion on feminism? 
I one hundred percent think feminism is brilliant! I am absolutely a feminist, but it doesn't take up my mind as much as some girls I know (I wouldn't start screaming at the male P.E teachers about feminism the way that some people I know do...) but I am in favour of it and I think that lots of good things are being done so that our society can be equal but I also think that we shouldn't have to fight for the rights that men have, we should just have then the same way that men do. 

Best way to revise?
I am terrible at revising! I have to do five hours a day for it to actually stay in my brain! The way I usually revise is to use the worksheets and quizzes that my school give me and then write down all the key points and just keep reading it! I also read a lot out of text books.

Thank you to everyone who asked questions, If you have any other questions then comment them bellow and I will answer them in another blog post!


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