03 September 2017

6 secrets to deal with periods | #GIRLTALK

Periods are the worst! I practically scream every time I discover that my womb decided that, that particular moment was the best time to start shedding its skin.

I don't think I realised what periods would mean when I started... I shouted "Hello womanhood", obviously thinking I was the coolest person ever because I started my period before all my friends.
I don't think I was prepared for the heavy flows and what seemed like never ending cramps!

It doesn't seem it at the time, but there are actually looooaaads of different ways to deal with periods and decrease the amount of pain you feel from cramps. Not to mention stopping you from ending up in a bit of a messy situation, if you know what I mean...

1. Bring spare underwear with you EVERYWHERE!
There is nothing worse than being in a test (or anywhere) and finding that your sanitary towel has practically died and is no use at all, so your bleeding into your pants and soon this situation could get even worse.
This is why you just have to bring at least one spare pair of pants out with you, or even better, bring extra sanitary towels or tampons, whatever you use!
2. Hot water bottles
Cramps are by far the worst part of periods for me. I envy everyone who doesn't get cramps (yes, those people do exist!).
One of the ways I like to help mine to feel a little better is to hold a hot water bottle on my belly. Obviously only do this is comfort of your own home... please don't do this in public, you are then practically screaming "HEY WORLD, YEP I'M ON MY PERIOD!" and not everybody wants to know.

3. Avoid Coffee at all costs
I have a love-hate relationship with Coffee, most of the time I can't stay away from it, but once a month I hate it because it gives me the worst cramps!
Not everyone has this issue, but if you get bad cramps then its probs best to stay away from Coffee for a while!

4. Move
I know what its like to feel so bad because you have the worst cramp. All you wanna do is stay in bed and cry. But moving around actually helps... I know it seems to make your flow slightly heavier (make sure you are fully equipped with the tampons!) but it actually decreases the cramp pain. Also, your getting abs at the same time... its a win-win situation!

5. Don't feel ashamed about binging on Dark Chocolate 
Being on your period is the perfect excuse to buy all the dark chocolate available at the corner shop, you don't even have to feel guilty at all. I mean your craving it right? And it has LOADS of magnesium for getting rid of cramps so... why not?

6. Have a hot bath
Not only do you one hundred percent deserve this (you've been dealing with your goddamn period ALL day), but the heat from the bath also really helps to soothe your cramp!


  1. I will definitely try avoiding coffee - I get such bad cramps it can really be rehabilitating :(

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I know what you mean! Its so horrible Xx


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