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29 August 2017

The lush hair care

I feel its important to mention before we get into this that I use a lot of products on my hair. In fact I have them all lined up on my table so I can refer to them while writing this. I also have my notes with me in my notebook, which is currently balanced on my head because my hair products, brushes and hair dryer nozzles are taking up all the space on my table. Hopefully that sums up my hair life to you...

More importantly, in the past year, since I started taking care of my hair properly, thanks to my hairdresser who has told me all I need to know,  I have started to get quite a thew compliments on my hair - which I always love, seeing as I get quite depressed during the forty minuites I spend blow drying me hair every two nights.

Obviously its basic to shampoo and condition your hair, everyone does it (hopefully!) but I want to talk a little about what products I use. For my shampoo I use 'Aussie's luscious long shampoo'.
I have nothing to compare it to as I have grown up using only one shampoo (I know I'm not very adventurous when it comes to beauty products), but I can tell you that It tames fly away's so well, which is amazing as I have quite frizzy hair if I don't do much in the ways of products with it, it also gives you some added softness too, which is always a good thing to want from a shampoo.

Again, for conditioner I use 'Aussie's miracle shine conditioner' and like with any conditioner I apply a dollop to all the hair bellow my ears. I then use a regular comb and brush it through my hair, before rinsing it out.

Art natural's Argan oil hair mask
I don't use hair mask's everytime I wash my hair but I try to use one as much as possible. With a hair mask, I just apply it exactly the same way that I do with conditioner, on all the hair bellow the ear and work it through with a comb, before rinsing it out. I really do notice the affects of using hair masks, especially ones that contain argan oil. It always makes my hair feel so soft and swishable - is that a word?
I love my Artnaturals argan oil hair mask, it has really benefited my hair!

OGX nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage serum 
after I have towel dried my hair, the next step for me is to apply a hair serum. I take one pump on my palm and rub it all over my hands, I then work it through the lower half of my hair, until it feels like it has absorbed enough. Then I just leave it until I go onto the next part of my routine, which is usually ten or so minuites later.

Artnaturals organic argan oil thermal shield 
I spray this all over my hair before using my hair dryer, to protect my hair from heat damage,  I want silky hair, okay, so I will go above and beyond to keep it that way! As well as protecting my hair from heat damage the spray also creates "Smooth silky hair that is both healthy and shiny". As with the hair mask and hair serum, I have noticed amazing differences in my hairs condition since using this. It truly does work wonders.

And then I blowwww dryyyyyy!


  1. I have to admit, I'm pretty new to hair masks but the way you describe it really makes me want to invest! I love OGX as a brand too - I use their Tsubaki Blossom shampoo and it's my favourite. Lovely post!


    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked the post! I've never heard of the Tsubaki Blossom shampoo- I will definitely look into trying it though! Xx

  2. Those products sound amazing! I definitely have to try some out!
    Xo Victoria

    1. You definitely should, they're so helpful x


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