20 September 2017

What makes you beautiful? | #GIRLTALK

What makes a woman beautiful? According to our society beauty is tall, slenderness, skinny waists, and skinny figures.

But what makes us all think like this? The media.
If you don't conform with Kate Moss, Taylor Hill or Karlie Kloss then your ugly. This is what the media tells us.

But no model looks so 'perfect' in reality.

Photographs of models are more of a construction than a person. There are hairstylists, make-up artists and costume stylists all working to create this image. Their clothes are pinned on at their back, photos only taken from the best angles... so much goes into creating a 'perfect' image.

The photos are all edited, pimples, shadows, spots, scars are all removed with photoshop. Waists are made skinnier and any discolouring is gone in an instant.

And we think that models are beautiful and never feel insecure about their looks?

This is so far from the truth... Models are normal, everyday people. They have their insecurities, maybe even more than everyone else.
Imagine having to worry about your body and how you look all the time, having to diet all the time just so you can look a certain way and present our society's idea of beauty. Yes, they are constantly being told they are beautiful, but after a while it just becomes normal and you stop believing it in the same way.

This is not beauty.

Beauty is whatever you want it to be. If your style is more punky and that's what you think is beautiful, then you are beautiful. Same if your style is more classic, if you think its beautiful then it is.

But a beautiful personality is also part of what makes you beautiful. When your kind to others around you, it shows on your face and they see you as more beautiful than someone who has been horrible to them. Peoples perception of you changes their perception of your looks too.


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