29 August 2017

Why nobody online has a perfect life | #GIRLTALK

I have always been told that nobody is perfect, and the lives that they present on social media aren't real. I have always wanted to know, why somebody would make a life that wasn't their own to share with the world, all to gain followers? After starting my blog I realised that its not all for followers and its more for themselves than it is for the purpose of impressing others.

So, I want to re-phrase that question.
Why are people not one hundred percent real online?

What I have come to realise, since starting my blog is that a lot of teenagers use social media as a coping mechanism to help them to deal with the complexities of their changing lives.
So much changes when your a teenager, your body, your feelings, you have to start thinking about what you want to do with your life. This is the time where you really start to find out who you are.
No wonder we all need some help coping!

Although that 'perfect' life is usually a lie, its not all fake. Most people only share their glossy, sugarcoated version of events, what would we think if they told us about all the shit going on in their life? We don't know them, we would judge them on a 140 letter sentence!

Its not always the case but lots of the time, a 'perfect' life is a cover up for whats really going on. Creating yourself a life that you can do whatever you want with is so easy with the likes of Instagram and snapchat, some people use this as a way to hide their hurt from the rest of the world and be seen how they ideally would like to be seen. And also to keep up with everyone else's 'perfect' lives.

I can relate to all of this. I started my blog when I was very unhappy in a manipulative friendship group, for me this blog was an escape for a very long time. After a while I started making friends with other bloggers my age, and though I didn't realise it at the time, I was making those friends as a way of creating the friendships I didn't have in my 'real' life.

Now I have made amazing friends in my 'real'  life, I don't feel the need to blog as an escape. Because I am happy with my life and I have nothing to hide. I want to blog though because since making new friends its become a lot more 'me' and also in the past two and a bit more years I have put so much work into this blog, so much that (cringey as it it) I feel like its become a big part of me that I wouldn't easily be able to let go of.

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