14 September 2017

How to deal with a crush | #GIRLTALK

If there is one thing I have learnt from having crushes, its this: I hate having crushes!
I don't like that its all I can think about, I analyse everything to much and I big things up in my head, which really doesn't help me at all.

I also ask for advice from other people, which is fine, but when they tell me that whoever I like definitely likes me back, yes, its what I want to hear, but its not always realistic so its no use at all. 

I know this is not what you want to hear but I promise it will help you out in all sorts of ways. I will defiantly be sticking to this next time... Oh and I am using the word 'he' here, but please take it as whatever is relevant to you! 

1. Be yourself around him.
Does it even mean anything if someone likes you for being someone your not? Nope.
If he doesn't appreciate the little things that make you who you are then, as cliche as it sounds, he is not worth your time. Stop worrying about him. I can recite almost the whole script of almost all the outnumbered episodes in series one, don't like it? Move on. 

There are 8 billion (I think...) people in the world, while lots of them are old men and weird people, lots of them are also boys, YOUR AGE, who will love you not matter what (cheesy, much?).

2. Don't be psycho.
Its completely normal to want to know everything about your crushes life, you might stalk them on social media, or if your even more .... into it?... then maybe you go and walk up and down their road? Don't worry, we don't judge here! 
But maybe its not such a good idea to mention things you have found out in your stalking sesh to them, it might freak them out, just a little bit!

3. Don't get too personal, too soon.
What I'm trying to say is, he doesn't want to know how painful this months period is... Okay?

4. If he isn't replying to your texts, its not always a bad sign... but you should stop texting!
Just because he hasn't replied to your texts then don't stress about it! He might not have seen it. But if you know he has then maybe he is busy and he will get back to you later? Who knows, he might be waiting a while so he can have a proper conversation with you instead of a rushed one?

5. Don't analyse his every move.
If he looks at you a certain way, talks to you a certain way, touches you a certain way, or just is a certain way around you, then this may mean he likes you but it also might not. You can't always read a boys feelings from how he behaves around you. Don't get too obsessive... and don't watch AskKimberly's 'body language' or 'scientific' ways to tell if he likes you, videos, please!

6. Try not to think about him too much.
Thinking about your crush so much, and building things up in your head can really get in the way of things, just don't!

7. Don't let it become a gossiping topic.
I have let this happen multiple times and I never like the outcome. There was a time when I liked a boy and then let all my friends talk to him about it, turns out he was going to ask me out but then he didn't. I am still not too sure why, I know one reason, and I also think that my friends might have been quite scary about it and stressed him out. For this reason I always try to make myself very clear to my friends not to do this when it comes to boys. 
Please don't make the same mistake that I did, I want you all to be happy and not have to loose something because of a mistake you let someone make!

Go get em'!

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