04 October 2017

5 ways to get out of a bad mood

Sometimes I get into a bad mood, and no matter how hard I try I cannot pull myself out of it.
But, I recently listened to a really interesting podcast called Being boss, and I realised a lot of things, even though I'm not going to say anything they have already said in their podcast, I want to tell you about the simple things I didn't even realise would get me out of a bad mood. Probs just because being in a bad mood is so consuming and it completely stops you from noticing whats going on around you!

Embrace it 
Yep, embrace it! You can do that in so many ways, punch a pillow, lie on the floor and cry. I like to embrace my bad mood by listening to my playlist of sad love songs on Spotify (I know its kind of weird and it makes me cry, but I enjoy it in a way). BUT you can only embrace the bad mood for five minutes! Set a timer on your phone....

After five minutes you have to move on
When your timer goes off, its time to move on! Make yourself a to-do list and crack on with it!

Watch a comedy
This will one hundred percent work- it always does for me! 
If ya fancy giving it a go then I really recommend Friends. Or if you've seen that all wayyyyy to many time then maybe 'Outnumbered'. Almost all of the series' are on Netflix and there are also some Christmas specials on there too, because Christmas will always get you out of a bad mood!

Make a list of positive things that have happened this week
It doesn't matter if you only have one thing, just make sure you embrace it! No matter how big or small it is...

Do something
Go outside, meet up with a friend, get something done. Anything to take your mind off it will help!


  1. I agree with you here - if you sit and wallow in your bad mood for too long, it'll just consume you. The best way to get over it, is to except it, and then move onto something that will motivate you!


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