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18 August 2018

4 things I want to tell the brands who just don't do their research

Any other blogger can relate when I say that my inbox is full of sh*t.
I mean, yes, there are some amazing pitches from amazing brands, but they are definitely outweighed by the brands who just don't do their research. And of course, those 'Insta boost' emails from people claiming to send you free followers if you pay them £30. No thank you.

On an average day my inbox will look a little something like this: a pitch to review hair growth pills, someone offering to send me free weight-loss coffee, about five people claiming they can help me grow my Instagram following if I pay them £30, a 'start-up' blogger asking me to publish their writing on my blog, a watch brand who wants to work with me but insists that I pay £150 for the watch, someone wants to send me their re-make of aqua beads, and another wants to send me a face mask that (apparently) will get rid of 'bum chins' (are you suggesting I have a 'bum chin'?).

It's just a HUGE waste of everybody's time

It seems so simple: do your research so you know who you're pitching to.
You wouldn't go into any old restaurant and order a Pizza if you didn't know if they served it, would you? For all you know you could be standing in a Sushi bar asking for a pizza and well, looking like a bit of a dick. It's no different when pitching to bloggers.
I can't tell you how many weird pitches I've gotten in the past four years. I mean, if you'd looked at my blog just once you would know full well that no, I don't want you're re-make of aqua beads.

You're being a little rude

Although it's not massively offensive, it is just a little rude to pitch any old crap to a blogger. Especially as so many of us do this as a job.
Not only is it a little rude, it makes your company look bad because you clearly don't care that much.

If you could actually tell me what you want me to do then that would be helpful...

As much as I love working with brands who give me a lot of creative control in how I share sponsored and advertorial content with my followers, I do need some sort of guide lines.

I've come across a lot of brands who aren't very clear at all in their pitches and will often just say something like "Hey we want to work with you". But, that doesn't tell me very much, what are we doing? Are you sending me something, inviting me to an event...? Sometimes you just never know and in the end the email gets deleted.

But on the rare occasion that you send me a crappy pitch but I still like the look of your brand I might ask for some more information. But for god sake, when I do please don't just copy and paste your pitch email again...

Actually find out my name

I know, I know a lot of brands do send the same email to a lot of bloggers and yes, I know that often lots of bloggers are involved in the same campaigns. And I mean, just think of the poor PR girl if she had to send a separate email to every single person...

But, if you are just emailing me then please use my name. It just makes it more direct, and personal. Very often I don't reply if someone doesn't use my name because I know it's been sent around to so many people, but If it's addressed to me by name then I'll always give you some sort of answer.



  1. I get so many of those spammy emails about boosting my following. It just gets on my nerves! Likewise with emails from bloggers who have barely written a post. I get that everyone wants exposure but it's important to establish yourself first. A simple comment will do wonders in gaining exposure! x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. You're so right! I understand that people want exposure and Its great that they're trying but I also think they should have some sort of respect for the fact that I don't want to publish any old crap. Like if you've written something about your favourite make-up and simply said "I like this lipstick because the shade is nice" then I'm not going to publish your work.

  2. I don't really do PR stuff but I can totally relate to the point about using your name!

    Check out my new blog post - a recipe for cherry lamingtons

  3. Jesus, those Insta Boosting e-mails and another spams, can relate! I just hate it!

    Blog de la Licorne

    1. oh my god, they're just the most annoying things ever x

  4. Those boosting emails are just soo annoying! Also I've seen so many bloggers sharing their messages and they are calling them with different names, it's so obcious they've copied and psted everything and that's annoying as well!

  5. Defintely agree with this post, especially for finding out my name
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  6. This is sooo on point dear, and I couldn't agree more, especially on this - "If you could actually tell me what you want me to do then that would be helpful..." You hit absolutely hit the nail right on the head!

    Jessica |

  7. So much YAS to this post! I get a lot of similar collab pitches, one specifically where a company will send me 4-5 free products. However, heres the catch, I have to pay the shipping per item since they are being shipped from multiple warehouses. No thanks. I'm definitely going to have to share this post to friends, you've even inspired to me possibly create a similar post to this.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. Aww thank you! I definitely have the same issue with brands. I mean, just don't ask to work with me and then make me pay to do the work?!

  8. I agree with you about every pont, I haven't across the emails yet, when they don't adress me by name though.

    Nina's Style Blog

  9. Ooooh I couldn't agree more, especially with the 'If you could tell me what I need to actually do that would be helpful...' it's so frustrating!! x

    Grace Louise ||

    1. Oh my god, yes... I have to ask brands to be more clear at least twice a day. It's so annoying x


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