06 October 2018

Lets talk about shooting outdoors...

In the past year or so I've somehow managed to muster the courage to shoot my Instagram photos outside. Like the in public kind of outside. It was definitely daunting the first few times, especially because I live in London and finding a quiet road is very nearly impossible if you're going central. But, I've gotten used to it and I'm relatively comfortable in front of the camera now.

'Do it for the gram' has become my moto in the past few months. There have been a fair number of occasions where shooting in front of the public has been hellish and the only thing stopping me from giving up is the thought of how gorgeous my feed will look after. Like that time outside Wild At Heart when a family with two children decided to stand right in front of me and watch. Or in Notting Hill when I was posing on a door step just when the man who lived there pulled up in his car and had to shoo away the many bloggers having their photo taken. And of course, the time in Primrose bakery when the guy sat next to me shouted "CORBYN'S GOING TO KILL US ALL." Can't say any of those were pleasant experiences...

However, as crappy as I may make it sound, shooting outside isn't as bad as you'd think. I found it quite reassuring just thinking that everyone will assume I'm a tourist, and nobody bats an eyelid when tourists have their photo taken. It's London for god sake.

It's been a year since I delved into the world of public Insta shoots and I have to say, I've learnt a couple of lessons since.


To get a decent picture, you sometimes have to do things that may look just a teeny bit crazy to people walking past. For example, those photos where I'm flicking my hair... did you think I'd get that shot first time round? Absolutely not. Believe it or not, I actually spend about two minutes standing in the middle of Central London shaking my head back and forth just to get that one photo. Now two minutes may not seem like a long time, but can you image how dizzy you'd be after continuously spinning your head around for that amount of time?


If you think about it all of these people are total strangers. So, who cares if they see you looking a bit awkward posing for the camera? And if they pay you any attention, it's only because they're interested. They're not, I repeat not, making fun of you. And on the very rare occasion that they are, who are they to judge?


Gone are the days of standing stock still in your outfit photos.
Move around, walk, spin, do the hair touch.

And if you are going to stand still at least use your outfit and accessories to your advantage. Use your pockets, hold your bag and my personal fave... touch your hair.


Whoever's taking your photos is not going to want to stand around waiting for you to pick your outfit. DO IT THE NIGHT BEFORE! It wastes so much time, especially if you've invested in a professional photographer. Picking your outfit is wasting precious time, get your money's worth of photos, please.

You know what else wastes time? Standing in line for the toilet in order to get changed. If your comfortable changing in the streets it might be a better idea, time wise. Just make sure you get yourself a pair of bicycle shorts and something to cover your tits.

I'd also recommend packing your outfits together, just to make sure you aren't caught squatting on the pavement frantically searching through your bag for that one piece of clothing that seems to have disappeared..... true story.



  1. LOVE this blog post! I agree with the whole points mentioned. I think that makes me easier to do photoshoots outside. x
    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. such great tips and pretty photos! xxx


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