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About me

I'm Flo, a teenage girl living in London and writing 'Flo la vita'.
When I'm not tapping away on my computer I can very often be found in and around London taking pictures, browsing the isles at Topshop or watching Friends. 

A little about the blog...

I started 'Flo la vita' wayyyy back In 2015 as a way of expressing my love for writing. Back then the blog was called 'Lilliieee' (but, how do you even pronounce that?!). I started off by creating the most disgusting halloween template you will ever see, and listing my fave horror movies, most of which I hadn't even seen.

But, fast forward three years and here I am chatting about the blogging industry, skincare and all things lifestyle and very much enjoying it! 

I hope you like it!

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