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The Sunday edit       
This Sunday (erm... more like Tuesday?! But we can pretend, right?) I have SO much to share. With Christmas just around the corner (eek!) bloggers have been going crazy with the Christmas content and if I'm being completely honest, I bloomin' love it! There are STILL so many Black Friday deals on, so the lust list is also V fun this week!


Flo la vita 
This week on the blog we've been getting a wee bit excited about Christmas and that's definitely showing through the content going on here and on all my other social channels! We have had the normal weekly blog post, and a couple extras! A lotta festive pics going up on the gram and a whole load of Christmas related tweets!

Our lil' Christmas tree
Women's gift guide
Christmas wreath cake recipe 

Blog posts you might have missed

How to make the perfect Christmas wreath

The lust list
This week there is SO much to lust over, as ya all probs know already from all the gift guides going up at the moment! Some of my fave products I've come across through my gift guide readings are...

Slide View: 2: Gold Accent Mug 
Gold accent mug - £26

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