01 December 2018

Gift guide: for the best friend

Best friends can be difficult to buy for, especially around Christmas when your budget is already tight  and you've got a million and one other people to think about buying presents for. Over the past few years secret Santa has become a firm favourite amongst my friendship group, and buying for just one person has taken away so much stress and saved us quite a bit of cash. But, when secret Santa isn't an option buying friends presents can be problematic...

I've put together a gift guide of inexpensive gifts suitable for the best friend. They're budget friendly but they're all things that I'm sure will be much appreciated come the 25th. 

For the best friend....

1. Why social media is ruining your life
2. Dorothy Perkins leopard print belt
3. Winning at life mug
4. Gold purse
5. Liz Earle Christmas cleanse and polish
6. Pixi by Petra glow mud mask
7. Pixi by Petra multi balm
8. Oliver bonas star candle
9. Dorothy perkins hoop earrings
10. Charly Cox - she must be mad
11. Kath Kidston Lipbalm set
12. Oliver bonas hoop earrings
13. Life Honestly book



  1. I so badly want to read that book, "Why social media is ruining your life,"! This is the perfect BFF list. Thanks for sharing! XO, Ellese


  2. Cute picks dear! That 'Winning at Life' mug is really adorable!

    Jessica |

  3. So many amazing books you picked :) Well done!

    x Lisa |

  4. I would pick one of those books for sure :) great list!

  5. This is such a beautifully crafted and simple list! Lol can we be bf's pls. I would love to get the books you recommended, I'm defo going to add them to my list (may even just by them for myself as a xmas present to me?!) Love this post! <3

    Zoe xo


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